This course comprises of two core subjects

1. Life Changing Lessons From The Hadeeth

In this part of the program, each month we pick a Hadeeth of the Prophet Muahmmed PBUH that includes growth and developmental lessons.

We learn these Hadeeths in english and discuss the lessons it provides.

The goal is to plant these hadeeths like seeds in students, so that it may be a source of guidance for them in the future when they’re faced with inevitable life challenges.

2. Islamic Studies

We will follow The Safar publication series textbook and workbook

The reason we chose the Safer publication series is because it is well structured.

It includes:

  • Islamic history from the Prophets, Messengers and the companions of the Prophet Muhammed PBUH.
  • Fiqh lessons (how to worship Allah swt, prayer, wudu, how to give charity, how to fast etc)
  • The fundamentals of our faith for example: the belief in Allah, the angels, the hereafter and the unseen etc.

The Classes

  • Classes run over one session per week for a duration of one hour. These will be delivered live via Zoom using video, audio and visuals. The classes are interactive allowing students to ask questions through audio and a chat box.
  • Attending the live sessions is mandatory, however, If a student misses a class they can view the recording for the lesson on the student portal.

Course Fees

1 student......= £170 per year

2nd sibling...= £80 per year (53% discount)

3rd sibling....= free (100% discount)

E-mail: [email protected] | Mobile: 07860338269