One-To-One classes

Some students will only take One-To-One Classes, they learn better, it helps them focus and they achieve their goals faster, if thats you than start HERE with a taster session free of charge!

The Power Of Group Sessions

With our cost effective group classes you can attend one hour sessions with other students.

Group sessions can be sometimes more beneficial than one-to-one classes because in group sessions you learn from many different angles.

When you're reading, you benefit from the following:

  • The teacher's corrections and guidance
  • Getting over stage fright, because unlike One-To-One classes, you read in front of an audience, and that will teach you to be confident in front of other people.

And when you're not reading. you benefit from the following:

  • From listening to other students, you learn from there mistakes or mispronunciations
  • When other students make the same mistake as you, you experience how you sound like when you make that mistake, and that gives you a deeper understanding of how you can improve that particular issue
  • when you listen to your colleagues, you become a teacher in your mind, because now someone is reading and you're listening, and because you are in a learning environment, you will start judging your colleague's reading and correcting it in your mind which is good because this will boost your confidence in what you've learnt so far, and it feels even better when you think something about the reading and than you hear the teacher confirming it out loud.

Learning in a group creates a healthy learning environment where you can learn and help each other achieve your goals.

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